North Carolina School Funding: 8th Best or 46th Lowest?

February 6th, 2014

So, I’m sitting in an education oversight committee at NC General Assembly and am told, through legislative comments and testimony, that North Carolina ranks 8th highest in school funding due to the percentage of the state budget (58%) devoted to school funding.  But, critics say per-pupil spending is 46th lowest when you count local and federal funding that rounds out the school budget.  First, I talked with House budget writer and Stokes County Republican Bryan Holloway.

Then, Senator Josh Stein (D-Wake) and I trade tweets on his assertion that we should forget about NC being 8th best in state education funding and focus on the 46th lowest measurement standard.   Tweets led to cameras and an interview.  Here’s the other side of this debate.

This is one of those political occurrences where two different groups of people will interpret data – and the school funding issue in this case – wholly differently.  Watch the interviews and make up your own mind about whether state legislators should praise their state funding or worry more about local school funding.


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