Day 21 of the JJ Virgin “Drop 7 Foods” Diet

March 25th, 2013


So, this makes three weeks to the day my wife and I decided we’d try the JJ Virgin “Drop 7 Foods” diet.  We saw it on UNC-TV, which is the Public Broadcasting System network (PBS) for the state of North Carolina.  I work there and Erin has discovered that we air many health-related shows when we’re raising money to buy the TV shows viewers will see the other 90% of the year.  JJ Virgin’s show aired.  In conjunction with attempting to drop seven foods, I decided to blog about it daily.

For Day 21:

Breakfast was the smoothie.   It’s been the smoothie for three weeks.  While I assumed I’d tired of it, the fact is that I have not.  The taste is good and it’s surprisingly filling.

Lunch was leftover chicken chile and two little slices of turkey rolled up.

Dinner was leftover chicken with avocado as a side dish.

I drink black coffee throughout the morning (probably overdoing it) but the meal beverage is water.

After 21 days, I’m supposed to be detoxed and I’ll wager that I was not completely successful on that front.  Reading other people’s accounts, they ARE making the 21 day journey with no hiccups.  So, it’s possible.  I navigated two birthday dinners in my honor and one Sunday dinner where I made a Korean Beef in lettuce wraps, which are not on the JJ Virgin diet.  That said, no gluten, no wheat and no corn in my meals.  I’m proud of that and realize that more work, and more than 21 days are needed.

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