Day 22 of the JJ Virgin Diet – The Breakfast Smoothie

March 26th, 2013

images21 days into the JJ Virgin diet…or eating philosophy as the three-week plan eventual evolves meant hitting the scales and assessing the results.  I lost 10 pounds in those three weeks!  That means my true goal weight is only six pounds away.  Hopefully about two more weeks of rather firm eating focus will yield the result I want.   It’s really neat to see weight come off simply based on cutting certain ingredients from one’s diet.

Breakfast was the meal where I most evolved.  I love a bowl of cereal and enjoy cooking a scrambled egg, turkey sausage and cheese sandwich.  The “heavy” ingredients were supposed to keep me full until lunch.  That was my thought.  The diet introduced me to the concept of the Breakfast Smoothie.  It never crossed my mind that a “liquid” could more fully satisfy than a meal featuring solid food.  But you learn that the smoothie IS solid food.

For the most part, here is the smoothie recipe we used the first three weeks of the JJ Virgin diet.

4 fresh large strawberries, sliced in half

1/2 handful of fresh blueberries (when we have them in the refrigerator)

2 tablespoons of ground flax-seed

One labeled serving of rice protein powder or pea protein powder

2 cups of Silk coconutmilk (the milk replacement and not actual coconut juice or “milk”)

A handful of frozen spinach  (broccoli works as well)

1 small peeled mandarin or orange

1 capful of vanilla extract

A couple of drops of orange oil extract (if I feel like a flavor kick)

HINT:  You’ll need a good blender to get the smooth texture than makes this smoothie so silky.  Cheap blenders will leave chunks of fruit.   For the record, I use this particular blender  - the Kitchenaid KSB560 model. It runs about $100.  Of course, you can really high-end.  We stopped with Kitchenaid and are pleased.  (No, I’m not paid to advertise anything).

I blend about 1 minute, pour and drink immediately.  This recipe, with slight tweaks, has been a three-week (and counting) staple in our household.  If you like milkshakes, if you like store-bought smoothies, this will satisfy.  I can’t imagine how many calories I saved by drinking a morning smoothie.

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